citydwellers 2.0

welcomes nomad workers to work on their own designs at the design studio and to live in the guesthouse.

sign up for workshops in corporate identity, sustainable design, and streetart.

customized products, designed and created by a team of young designers will be launched in 2020.

citydwellers 1.0


check out a brief portfolio on chopsuey.nl

From 2014 untill 2019 Citydwellers occupied a concept store and a textile studio, located in a fancy shoppingmall in the city centre of Eindhoven. A great opportunity to meet interesting entrepeneurs and customers, to collaborate and to explore new territories. Upcoming designers and interns are given the opportunity to sell their fashion, food and lifestyle products in a ‘learn as you go’ environment.

2019 Citydwellers 2.0

Mentorship and collaboration are the main aspects in the development of the Citydwellers 2.0 project. The great, natural environment of Central Portugal will be the home of nomad workers, who are welcome to temporarily live and work at Casa Poiares, in the tiny village of Sao Miguel.

Enjoy the tranquility of working in the countryside, yet being connected. The cultural heritage of the historic area will provide inspiration and interactions. The friendly local community will provide interesting storytelling. Affordable public transportation connects the villages with  the major cities.

Interesting places to visit

Sao Miguel/Vila Nova Poiares






To create an inspiring nomad work and collaborate environment

To provide inter-cultural exchange of know-how

To support peers to peers learning and learning by doing


Development of the design studio and investigation of rescued and oldstock materials. Co-creation of the Citydwellers 2.0 project, while working on individual and joint projects.

Finding different ways of collaboration and co-creation within the team of fellow collaborators. Recharge through all types of outdoor sports and enjoyment of leisure time in the area.

Exploring of the surroundings: local markets, heritage, local culture, rituals and nature.

citydwelers Partners