The conceptstore and textile studio, located in a fancy shoppingmall in the city centre of Eindhoven, was a great opportunity to meet interesting people, explore new territories and to collaborate with like-minded. Upcoming designers and students were given the opportunity to sell their fashion, food and lifestyle products in a ‘learn as you go’ kind of manner. Customizing small scale products on demand and supporting starting labels, showed the need for mentorship and collaboration.

Rethoughts on the 5 year Citydwellers project, provided a solution to meet these needs. To make the next step, we crossed borders to check out alternate opportunities. That’s how we ended up in the great, natural environment of Central Portugal.

Citydwellers project investigates a restart in a Portugese setting, welcoming nomad workers and collaborators to temporarily live and work together in the Citydwellers Guesthouse. The tranquility of working in the countryside, yet being connected, will give collaborators a different mind set with new possibilities to co-create. The cultural heritage of the historic area will provide interesting storytelling, inspiration and interactions with the local community. Affordable public transportation connects the villages with  the major cities.


To create an inspiring nomad workers learn and work environment

To provide inter-cultural exchange of know-how

To support peers to peers learning and learning by doing


Early collaborators get the opportunity to be the first to check out the design studio possibilities and become part of the team. They will be the first to collaborate and use the rescued and oldstock materials supply. Help develop the CCCC Guesthouse while working on your own project. Explore the surroundings: local markets, (Unesco) heritage, local culture, religious rituals and storytelling. Find different ways of collaboration and co-creation with your team and fellow collaborators.