I am Anahita Haghparast. I came to the Netherlands and the city of Eindhoven almost four years ago to gain my master’s degree in architecture from Eindhoven University of Technology. I pursed my interest in sustainable development in my master’s thesis and later on in my professional life.

I heard about the store and I came by to have a look. I was attracted to the concept and sense of the place. I wished for a volunteer job in Eindhoven to have something done out of heart for the city where I spent precious years, as I may have to leave it by the end of the year. So I asked Jacqueline if they need free help and this is how it began.

There are many sustainable actions, regarding the environment and society, taking place in this organisation and I am here to help have them gathered in a sustainability report. I am a member of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and I mean to carry out the report based on its global reporting standards.

A sustainability report helps setting goals, measuring performance, and managing change. It makes abstract issues tangible and concrete, and it helps developing sustainability-related strategies and activities.