workshops At Casa Poiares

graphic design, graffiti, mottainai


Graphic Design

Corporate Identity

Workshop in English and Dutch language, Portugese translator available

investigate and design your corporate identity, from logo to packaging.

Collaborator Wilbrink Graphics shares the ins and outs about style, colour, commerce and customer experience in this 5-day workshop Bring your own laptop, with adobe illustrator and photoshop programm.

  • learn about graphic techniques

  • citytrip

  • learn about color effects

  • choose your concept

  • make a moodboard

  • make a styleboard

  • start sketching

  • finalize your corporate identity

Please inquire about customized workshops.



Workshop in English and Dutch language, Portugese translator available

Spuitgasten is a Dutch graffiti artist, who has come a long way in the Streetart scene. While studying Art and Graphic Design, trains and tunnels were the main canvas. Now the focus is changed to designing in assignment for organisations and companies.

People appreciate beautifull murals in the city, they are in great balance with the underground graffiti scene, confronting passersby with unexpected opinions or with (temporary) awesome works of art. Spuitgasten graffiti can be seen at the Berenkuil in Eindhoven NL, where he is one of the worldwide artists who join the annual Step in the Arena Street Art festival.

Four years ago Spuitgasten joined the Citydwellers team, to become one of the early collaborators. Now he is one of the co-designers of the Citydwellers 2.0 project in Portugal.  

Feel inspired by the stylish murals at Casa Poiares, while  exploring your personal creative input.

Collaborator Spuitgasten shares the do’s and don’ts about Streetart in some interesting workshop sessions.

  • learn about basic graphics

  • learn about color effects

  • learn about the effects of spray paints

  • learn about techniques

  • choose your subject

  • start sketching

  • spray it

graffiti workshop one day

design and spray a take-a-way mural or an applied piece of street art

graffiti teambuilding workshop 3-days

In this workshop you will do some research on graffiti art. Spuitgasten takes you on a citytrip to discover expressions in public areas. Murals in assignment to brighten up the city and illegal graffiti to sent a message into the world.

Work together on a piece of art to urbanize your office, school or shop.

Please inquire about customized workshops.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair

Workshop in English and Dutch language, Portugese translator available.

Chop Suey takes you into the world of Mottainai.

Mottainai (勿体無い) is a phrase that is deeply ingrained into the Japanese culture. Japanese take recycling and sorting their trash seriously.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair.

Introduction to worldwide applied traditional Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair techniques. Dive into the expressive Tokyo Street style and let the experiment take over. Mix authentic old stock textile with recycled raw denim, link East and West. Turn into a new fashionista and translate age-old fashion culture into a narrative contemporary collection.

Bring your own fashion items to customize, or check out items from our shop.

Denim items are perfect items to start the basic Mottainai collection.

  • learn about Japan and the Mottainai culture

  • investigate different 4R-cultures and illustrate this in a styleboard

  • investigate the material supply

  • sketch your collection

  • apply the techniques to your collection

Please inquire about customized workshops.